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"please contact either moderator for any help or question you may have."

First off, this is a community strictly for Summer Glau and her projects-bother past and present and future. This means that slanderous and disrespectful comments and content will not be tolerated in any way.

You may post news, images, fan art, fanvids, picspams, multimedia which includes videos, audio etc, information on projects and much more. However, any material that is for strictly adult viewing only will not be tolerated such as nude fakes. If your fan fiction is for adult viewing, please put a warning and a rating in the description of you post to give younger viewers a warning as well as others who may no be as inclined to read such material.

Please put these under a lj cut. Three teasers are allowed -for fan art -at the most or a small banner.
If they contain spoiler-up to one week after their air date- then you must put a warning in your post.

If the news contains spoilers for a future episode, there must be a warning and the content must be under a lj cut.

You may advertise you Summer-related communities here. However you may only promote one community every two weeks, We do not want to be spammed with advertisements, there are communities out there for that.